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Sales Development is a hot topic these days and it’s only getting hotter, which means companies are hiring like crazy. The problem is that it’s a relatively new role, and there’s a whole new generation of salespeople that are being hired. This brings up a very important question that many SDR leaders are asking as they hire out their teams. What are the key characteristics, personality traits, and/or qualities that will make someone a good SDR?

But first… a word from Jeffrey Gitomer.

The question was originally posted in Sales Hacker’s LinkedIn group by Justin Dennis, VP of Growth at Breezy HR | @justrum

I’m hiring our first SDR for a funded HR startup and I’m looking to get some feedback from the group on qualities of a good SDR. What do you look for when hiring your SDRs? What makes them stand out? And what are some good ways for me to figure this out in the interview process?

Response #1 – Josh O’Brien, SDR Team Lead at Datanyze  |  @thejoshobrien

Personally, I look for people coming from a customer-facing role (Restaurant, Retail, Customer Service) who’ve dealt with and overcame bullsh!t on a day-to-day basis. Remember these guys are going


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