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It’s no secret that word of mouth referral sales are one of the most promising channels for earning new business. Most companies, especially early stage startups, depend heavily on a well oiled referral engine to build momentum. But this can be an effective lead gen strategy for enterprise businesses too. 

Other ways companies generate leads early in their sales development are by leveraging speaking engagements, co-marketing, organic search, social media and paid advertising.

From my experience, I can tell you this:

Referrals close at a high rate and are on average worth significantly more in ARR by client.

How To Generate Leads From Existing Clients

It’s simple. I’ll break down the 3 elements you can leverage to get more referral leads right now:

Testimonials Case Studies Client Videos

Buyers have become increasingly cynical and no longer care about investigating your product or services like they once did.

Often they need some sort of third party validation; particularly when you’re trying to close the deal in a long, complex sales cycle.

If you are a young organization or scaling quickly, you won’t have enough referrals to base your business on.

However, you can get great testimonials, case studies and customer


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