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Bad quarters in sales almost always follow this pattern: Two “lazy” months followed by a frantic third month (characterized by a desperate scramble to get something (anything!) across the finish line).

At the beginning of a new quarter, you feel “fresh.” You’re glad the chaos of finishing the last quarter is over, and you can start with a clean slate.

But that mentality plants the seeds of yet another failed quarter.

With the knowledge that the deadline for your quota is still three long months away, you coast.

It starts with taking it easy on yourself for just the first couple days of the quarter. Which extends itself through the first week. Then the first month. Before you know it, you wake up to the same nightmare as before: the clock is ticking as the quarter winds to an end, while you’re feeling like you have a noose around your neck, sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

If this sounds at all familiar, you’re not alone. And it could be the single pattern keeping you from attaining that elusive consistency in sales, as the following data will illustrate.

This Pattern of Procrastination Creates Inconsistency

The data science team at analyzed 15 months of


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