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You don’t go on a job interview unprepared. You don’t go into a sales meeting unprepared. You don’t even go on a first date unprepared. So why would you go to a conference unprepared?

It’s quite simple – most attendees don’t think there’s much to prepare for.

Many become swooped up in the networking hype. The excitement of the big name speakers, the chance to finally get out of the office, the extravagant after parties, the opportunity to rub shoulders with the creme de la creme of your industry.

Well, I’m here to tell you something.

The absolute WORST thing you can do as a conference attendee is just “show up.”

In this article – I’ll explain how to master the art and science of conference networking, and how to extract real value from your conference experience. That includes a pre, during, and post conference game plan.

And yeah – it revolves a lot more than mindlessly sitting through speaker sessions with your laptop open while guzzling down ungodly amounts of coffee.

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