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SMB selling or small business sales is really a sales process designed around an ideal customer profile (ICP). Your ICP impacts every aspect of your sales process. In the past, small business selling assumed smaller deal sizes that is not necessarily the case. The goal of this post is to give SMB entrepreneurs and SMB sales leaders a step-by-step guide to creating a sales process from scratch. Below are a few assumptions we have made for this post:

Your SMB lacks a defined, refined, mature sales process Your average deal size is more on the transactional side ($10K-$50K) You have the budget to hire a 3+ person sales team You have the budget to invest in technology, training, and sales collateral

As an SMB, you need to be ruthless with your cash outflow; therefore, all recommendations in this post will focus on reducing cash expenditures while simultaneously scaling revenue.

The 5 keys for small business sales are:

Process and Methodology How is your sales team structured? What does the ideal sales process look like? What communication mediums will you use for connecting with prospects? Which lead sources will you focus on? Inbound, referrals, cold outbound etc.


Posted by Colin Burns

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