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Sales prospecting and cold emailing is tough. In an ideal situation, you can build a list of the right ones in seconds. Furthermore, if you can find a place where your prospects are talking s**t about your competitors and offer up a way to contact them, then you’ve struck gold.

Sounds good right?

I’m going to show you exactly how to swipe your competitor’s customers with an advanced sales prospecting technique that you’ve probably never tried before. 

Buckle up and get ready to extract dozens (and maybe even hundreds) of leads in minutes.

You Won’t Get Different Results, By Doing The Same Actions

Like I mentioned earlier, pounding the phones and traditional prospecting can be very challenging and time consuming.

But you’ve heard of G2Crowd right?

If you’re in SaaS or sell to SaaS companies, or even better, you sell to their customers, then you’ll find some good prospects on G2Crowd.

G2Crowd is a fast-growing review site where people write detailed reviews of what they like and dislike about a product.

These people are likely not only their customers, but a key influencer or decision maker in the buying process for it in their company.

If they’re reviewing your


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