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G2 Crowd and Sales Hacker are teaming up to help modern sales professionals find the best sales tools and optimize the sales tech stack.

When you’re looking for new sales software and services, G2 Crowd has the insights you need to gain confidence in your buying decisions and become more successful in your jobs.

Competitive Analysis

But what if you need to know what tools your competitors are using to outperform you? Humans are curious creatures. By nature, we want to know what everyone else is using. But this is critical information – getting the edge on your competition can be the difference between making your quota versus crushing it.

With Sales Hacker’s Stack Group on G2 Crowd, you can see what individuals, competitors, and allies are using in their day to day operations. You can view what communication, marketing, and most importantly sales software that Sales Hacker community members use to help them achieve success.

Recommended Action: Share your tech stack with us!

Alarming Facts

Sales technology matters. It is one of the most important buying decisions organizations can make; over one trillion dollars are spent on sales teams each year.

According to Brevet:

“It takes ten months for a new sales


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