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So often we see posts and articles about what to look for and how to find the best inside sales or SDR candidates in a candidate search. We then see other articles or posts talking about improving your interview skills as a sales rep. Rarely do we see a single article that actually speaks to both at the same time. That’s why in this post – I’m going to share my best inside sales interview tips and questions for both hiring managers and candidates. 

At Sales Hacker, we believe these two should be more aligned. In fact we believe that everyone is looking for the same thing no matter which side of the interviewing table they sit. So we decided to tackle this head on and combine the topics.  While this is written with a certain spin towards inside sales we feel it could be easily aligned with any other department in the organization.

In school, five Cs is not a great track record. But in sales, those who embody the five Cs receive top marks. To create a strong inside sales team and a supportive sales culture, sales management should be on the lookout for candidates who possess


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