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Cold email has earned an awful reputation. Prospects see them as a nuisance, and most just hit delete without even a casual read. As a result, open rates are plummeting. Even when the message is highly targeted, the open rate ends up being less than 10% on average. Most of us have developed a thick skin over the years as a result of the constant barrage of irrelevant emails.

Stop Being Lazy With Your Cold Email

Not willing to settle for “status quo”, we worked hard to crack the code of email copy that would put a smile on our prospect’s face.

Our formula was not necessarily new or unique – we aimed to arouse curiosity in the subject and follow it up with a crisp and engaging body.

We pushed ourselves really hard to execute this formula to perfection.

The results of this effort were very encouraging.

More than a third of the recipients of these emails choose to reply to our cold emails, and close to 10% of those have converted into solid opportunities.

Here’s an example of a highly personalized sales email:

So, how exactly should you write your next cold email?

Follow these 5 simple cold


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