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The future of sales is at our doorstep — artificial intelligence.

AI is quickly becoming more powerful — and it’s starting to change the way we live in decidedly subtle, but significant, ways. If you’re a sales manager, you’ll want to embrace these changes sooner rather than later.

“Growth-focused sales organizations of every size and stage cannot afford to ignore the benefits of AI-assisted sales”

– EverString founder and CEO, J.J. Kardwell.

“It enables your team to automate prospecting by using machine learning to offload the most time-consuming tasks, and it helps your team focus on the best targets both inside and outside of your existing pipeline, so they can spend more time closing and less time searching for which prospects to pursue.”

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The role AI plays in our lives, while certainly expanding in terms of both consumer and business applications, is far from the dystopian, robots-roaming-the-street imagery that fiction predicts. It’s subtle, like when Siri answers our most inane questions or Netflix recommends a movie to watch.

Finding an AI partner to complement your company will exponentially benefit this transition. Still, if you’re not quite there yet, here are a few things you can


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