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Salespeople are always looking for ways to shortcut success. Some get lucky, but luck can’t be relied on consistently. The following ten attributes are ways to differentiate yourself when starting in sales and get promoted FAST.

1. Be Relentless

Yeah, I get it; you’ve heard this one before. But, are you as relentless as the top salesperson in your company?

The first step is defining what relentless means.

How many calls, new meetings, or pipeline opportunities does relentless equate to? By quantifying your daily activities, the next step is to target your efforts on the activities that generate revenue.

There’s no point in turning up, working hard, and achieving little – @no1bestseller
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If you want to hear how I did it, listen to this podcast with Anthony Iannarino.

2. See Opportunity Where Other’s Don’t

The best salespeople see opportunity everywhere, not just in their assigned territories.

There may be a new position at the company, an unassigned account with revenue potential, or a new product in the pipeline that will change the game.

They even see the opportunity in being relentless. A holistic view to opportunities can shortcut the standard career path by years.



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