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There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the LinkedIn Pulse articles; well is it buzz or noise? You tell me. I can promise you this – creating noise is NOT an effective way to build your personal brand on LinkedIn.

Here’s a simple rule of thumb to follow:

If your content doesn’t position you as visible, valuable, and connected – you’re just adding to the noise. 

I’m not the only person that’s noticed the ruthless explosion of noise on LinkedIn.

It’s a very valid concern- and I think the sales community would agree.

So, How Do You Fight the Noise and Build a Personal Brand on LinkedIn?

I’ve been asked many times:

“How do you manage so much engagement in your posts, while fighting ‘The Noise’?” 

A great question…

That’s why I’m going to share my secret sauce.

I’m sick of all the white noise, and I’d like to see you change the dial in my feed.

As a bonus, I was on the Salesman Podcast where I explain how to do this in more detail.

1. Learn How To Align Your Strengths And Credibility To Your Audience’s Needs

That’s right – understand your existing audience and write topics that they’ll


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