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Have you studied how long it takes your SDRs and AEs to find relevant people to contact as target customers? Do you know the ratio of time spent “finding new leads” to actually reaching out and engaging them? Do you need a process for better sales prospecting that will save your team hundreds of hours by avoiding manual grunt work?

If you’re like us a year ago – you recognize that the process of sales prospecting can eat up more than 50% of your outbound reps’ time, and is generally a slow-moving and frustrating task.

To help our reps spend more time doing what they’re best at (actually selling), we decided to experiment with simplified prospecting, and settled on the following workflow:

The Recipe for Better Sales Prospecting Create a concept for a group of companies. eg: Fortune 500 industrials, companies hiring Software Engineers in Chicago, companies that recently raised $10M+ Build a list of those companies – with their web domain. Hint: you can pay an upworker to do this! Run that list of companies through a prospecting tool – Such as Clearbit, Zenprospect, or Lead Genius to identify the right prospects. How We Found Hundreds of Prospects in 2 Hours

Ok, so what


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