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“Our Enterprise SDRs are hitting a wall when it comes to calling into their target accounts. Getting past the gatekeeper is really frustrating our reps – in most cases, these gatekeepers know nothing about the business or org chart and wont transfer to a direct name.

I don’t want to just rely on email campaigns to the individual prospects.

Thoughts on how you approach prospecting enterprise accounts like these?”

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Ilan Kopeckly, Sales Development Leader at Aria Systems

Love this topic, as there’s no magic bullet for getting past the gatekeeper. That said, I’m going to challenge the assertion that the gatekeeper knows nothing about the business or org chart.

How are your reps opening the conversation? Are they referencing their outreach attempts to target organizations within the company, for example?

If they are simply asking, “who’s the best person for this conversation?”, that EA gets 50 of those calls a day and doesn’t want to feel like a switchboard.

The C-Level EA, I’d argue, is one of the most knowledgeable people at the entire company, but expecting them to just hand you


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