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Hi. I’m Lauren. I’m writing to introduce myself as your Sales Hacker guest blogger.

WAIT! Kidding!! Don’t go!

Seriously, this was a HORRIBLE intro – and one of the most common problems we hear on inside sales calls.

I’m here to explain what NOT to do on sales call intros.

Join me for a chuckle (and a cringe) over the rest:

The “Show Up and Throw up Intro”

Combine a nervous rep and dead air, and this is what you get – one of the worst sales call intros ever. 

I’ve heard folks pack in their full bio, a short company history, the obligatory value prop, and get a good 1/3 down their product list before taking a breath.

It’s like we recruited under-water divers for the position. You can guess what the Decision Maker said when he worked a word in right?

5 seconds is the target folks. And the goal is to get THEM talking ASAP, not the other way around. 

The “Get Out of Jail Free Card Intro”

Yes, I said get them talking right away, but your question should NEVER be…

“Are you the person in charge of purchasing IT equipment at Factor


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