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If you’re reading this, my guess is that you’ve already made the wrong sales hire (now or in the past) or you’re trying to prevent yourself from making a bad hiring decision. Regardless of what brought you here—welcome. This post will outline the painful cost of making a bad sales hire, and help to safeguard yourself from a hiring disaster in the future.

Why You Might Be Making the Wrong Sales Hire

Simply put, the recruitment and selection process can be tricky. This is increasingly so when it comes to sales recruiting, as your sales team is instrumental to your company’s success.

When it’s done well, companies can focus their time and energy on growth. Done poorly, however, and the company is sent reeling, trying to address the consequences of a bad sales hire.

So, how do you avoid this occurrence, especially with all of the modern information on said topic?

(Seriously, a simple Google search for “Cost of Making the Wrong Sales Hire” results in about 587,000 URLs.)

Not to mention, if you receive bad advice, you might end up carrying out that bad advice repeatedly, all the while expecting the positive predefined result. Einstein’s definition of insanity


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